April Showers Bring May Flowers And Wet Basements

Water-damage has now surpassed fire as the leading cause of personal property claims in Canada.  Last year, water damaged over 30,000 homes across Canada, but, with a little knowledge and some routine maintenance, you can reduce your risk and keep unwanted water out.

For example, if your home requires a sump pump or French drain to help keep the basement dry, water infiltration may be a problem. It could just be a high water table, but in times of heavy sustained rainfall, water from the ground can rise and the sump pit could overflow.  In addition, power outages are common during large storms. Without a backup power supply, sump pumps will do no good.

Repair cracks in exterior walls or foundations that can lead to water damage or mould in your home.  Ensure your roofing contractor inspects the condition of the flashing and seals around chimneys and skylights and makes repairs as necessary.

The land surrounding many homes often slopes toward the house, which can create a rush of water into the house during a heavy rain. This is particularly problematic for homes with below-grade windows or doors.

Also, if the rain gutters and downspouts are clogged, the rain will be redirected toward the home’s foundation instead of away from the house.  Direct downspout extensions at least four feet away from your home onto a permeable surface.  ie. your lawn.

Even if you’ve done everything to keep the water out, it sometimes makes its way into the basement. If this happens, you can mitigate your losses by making sure valuables kept in the basement are stored off the ground.

Finally, it’s important to look at overland water insurance, which is coverage designed to protect your home from spring runoff, heaving rains and overflow from lakes and rivers.

Capri Concierge Risk Advisors can help by suggesting coverage's and products designed specifically to minimize this ever growing risk.


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