Cyber Thieves Often Target Affluent Individuals

Unfortunately, identity theft is becoming more common than not. Especially when you think about the interconnectedness of our everyday devices–from our reliance on social media and smart phones to our use of Internet-connected security systems and wearable fitness–the data pool accessible to cyber thieves has widened significantly. While the Internet of things is making our lives, homes and businesses more efficient, security is often a second consideration.

High-net-worth individuals are the most at risk. With significant assets on the line, these thieves are extremely patient and will build a target’s profile piece by piece by scouring social media profiles, taking advantage of unsecure connections, and targeting affluent individuals through social engineering. To better understand their vulnerabilities and the do’s and don’ts of online behavior, high-net-worth individuals should speak with a personal security expert. Expect to be asked about the family’s social media accounts and habits, use of wearable technologies, philanthropic activities and travel plans.

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*this article is from courtesy of Chubb Insurance.